Photography Career Tree

My top 3 careers would be cinematographer, art director, and commercial photographer. I feel like being a cinematographer would be fun because, If I am lucky enough, I could film the world’s next number 1 movie. Being able to be responsible for what the viewer sees sounds great because I believe I have a strong opinion about how to make a subject seem important. I could work for marvel, or any other company to be able to work with celebrities’ and popular actors.

Being an art director would also sound nice because, I could collaborate and brain storm what would look nice for a film, advertisement or anything going infront of a camera. I could be responsible for what goes into camera frame, and be able to have specific items be important, be a prop or a background object.

Finally, a commercial photographer is also a really nice job because, new products are constantly wanting attention from the world to buy their product. Being responsible to have an eye catching product sounds great because, If I know what I am doing, I could be the reason why a company grows or gets more recognized. These jobs all sound great to work for because they have an important role in being introduced to the public, which means my work would be more recognized. A place I would like to work at is Paris. I would choose Paris because of it’s already beautiful scenery, and because everyone wants to go there. I think the responsibilities of these jobs are huge since they are the ones exposed to the public and published. I think my salary for these jobs would be between $44k – $200k.

Other fields that I would like to peruse is Aviation or Medical. I would like to peruse Aviation because I would be able to travel the world, and pilots are in high demand right now. I also believe I have a passion for flying, so being able to be payed for it sounds nice. I would also like to peruse medical to be able to help my family and others with any medical complications.


Deren: Chill, silly, funny, smart, short, fashionable, smiles a lot, smart, friendly, leader

Ruben: quite, chill, tough, sweet, funny, lazy, smart, friendly, lucky, considerate

Domingo: wacky, silly, weird, awkward, short, sleepy, too friendly, religious, different


Garry Winogrand. The book

The photographer that I chose was Garry Winogrand. Garry winogrand, born January 14, 1928 The Bronx, New York City, was a brilliant American street photographer known for his portrayal of U.S. life and its social issues. Which is not to say that Winogrand, a bluntspoken, sweet-natured native New Yorker, who had the voice of a Bronx cabbie and the intensity of a pig hunting truffles, was by any means unknown or unrewarded for his work. During his short life, he won a Guggenheim fellowship, was featured in Edward Steichen’s classic “Family of Man” exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, and later figured prominently in two major photography shows, also at MoMA, curated by Steichen’s successor John Szarkowski, one of Winogrand’s early champions. What is unfortunate though is that Garry’s early death, as well as his own bizarre work habits, prevented the general public from fully appreciating his work, even any average street photographer would agree that his work was great. Garry Winogrand died on March 19, 1984 (aged 56) due to gall bladder cancer. Winogrand left behind 2500 undeveloped rolls of 36-exposure 35mm film , 6,500 rolls of film that had been developed but not contact-printed–not to mention 300 apparently untouched, unedited 35mm contact sheets. That would be equal to 2 life times of work in photography. Garry winogrand was so into photography, his wife even said, “Being married to Garry was like being married to a lens,” and they still managed to live together. Garry himself would say things like “I photograph to find out what something will look like photographed” and “No one moment is most important. Any moment can be something.” He was a wise photographer who was underappreciated during his life time. One quote that I agree with Winogrand the most is, “…The photograph should be more interesting or more beautiful than what was photographed.” I think what makes photography so important is being able to capture a moment in time and somehow make it more beautiful than what we thought. Being able to review Winogrand’s works can really show you how important it is to reflect on the different angles of life no matter where or when you are. It was said that Winogrand took pictures so quickly that people in front of his lens didn’t realize he had actually pressed the shutter. A recent documentary, entitled All Things Are Photographable, estimates that he took something in excess of 1 million photographs. Each and every photograph was different, filled with creativity, and published for the world to see.


Triptych - Self Portrait | Finally finished my A-Level photo… | FlickrI liked this online photo because the different layers makes him look short and funny. The composition is also excellent because it has 3 really well shot frames of the same subject. Each photo is clear and all adds up to create one image. The subject is clearly a person holding a camera, and the way he was cropped makes him appear shorter



I like this image because of the surreal background, and lighting of the subject.

I like this photo because it puts the product as the main image, and makes it look nice.

I like this image because of the simple background and great lighting of the person wearing the product.


The company I will be representing is apple.

The airpods pro are the product im advertising.

The target audience are people looking for small portable wireless earbuds.

I would expect to see this advertisement on phones as popups.

I will be using fill flash lighting outside to make my professional photo shoots.

I would need the airpods and airpod case as props.


I would Like to travel to Hyatt regency mission bay spa and marina because it is my favorite hotel to stay at over the summer. Around the hotel, they have rocks and boats to fish off of. boats to rent and restaurants to enjoy. Of course they also have public pools with water slides, or beaches nearby you could visit. Recently my favorite activity to do at the Hyatt is rent kayaks and boats. I also enjoy eating at the Red Marlin. The Red Marlin has seafood and beautiful steak, the food there is delicious and makes for the perfect dinner at night.


I would like my viewers to feel inspired to never give up. I expect them to read the quote and smile, while questioning what the image I took means. I took this photo as a joke that my dream was to get a snack.